LG M36 18650 3350mAh 10A Battery


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LG M36 Datasheet

LG M36 18650 3350mAh Flat Top Rechargeable Battery

  • Brand: LG CHEM
  • Model: INR18650 M36T
  • Size: 18650
  • Positive: Flat
  • Type: Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • Protected: No
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
  • Nominal Capacity: 3444mAh
  • Minimum Capacity: 3333mAh
  • Continuous Discharge Rate (CDR): 10A MAX
  • Approximate Dimensions: 18mm x 65mm
  • Approximate Weight: 48g
  • Decal: Capacity Decal


Lithium-ion is one of the most successful and safe battery chemistries available. The lithium-ion system is safe provided that certain precautions are met.

Use caution when working with and using lithium ion batteries. Misusing or mishandling the battery may cause a fire or explosion which may result in personal injury and/or property damage. The user must possess an appropriate understanding of lithium ion batteries before use. The user must possess an understanding of the potential dangers of lithium ion batteries before use. Always charge in or on a fire retardant surface. Never leave batteries unattended while charging. Buyer is responsible for any damage or injury caused by misuse or mishandling lithium ion batteries and chargers. Buyer is responsible for determining if their device or charger is functioning properly before use. Charge only with a smart charger designed for this specific type of battery. No guarantee of compatibility or suitability with any device can be made. Specifications are provided above to match the appropriate cell to the desired application.

  • User must be familiar with handling lithium ion batteries before purchase.
  • Batteries may vent, become very hot, burn, or cause a fire if misused or mishandled.
  • Misuse of batteries can pose a serious risk of personal injury and/or property damage.
  • Do not store loose in pocket, bag, purse, etc. Cases are recommended for transport and storage.
  • Do not use in devices without proper protection circuitry.
  • Do not exceed manufacturer specifications. Do not exceed the continuous discharge rating.
  • Do not mix old and new, used and unused batteries.
  • Do not use force to install battery. Do not install backwards.
  • Do not short circuit. Keep away from metal (or conductive) objects to prevent short circuiting.
  • Do not use if insulator or wrap is damaged. Do not use if damaged in any way.
  • Do not overcharge or over-discharge.
  • Do not get the battery wet, or expose to high temperatures.
  • Do not solder. Spot weld only by qualified technician.
  • Do not throw in the trash. Do not incinerate. Use location specific disposal or recycling methods.
  • Usage of batteries is at your own risk.